M3M 3D Offer [ 3 Deals in 1 Offer ] – 9999650991

M3M 3D Offer on Commercial properties

M3M 3D Offer
3 Dimensional Plan for Iconic Commercial Developments.

And while the world was still grappling to deal with the pandemic, we are evaluating opportunities that were coming up. We believed that this was the time to deliver on promises, build relationships, lead the change, create value, and live up to being the industry’s game-changers.

Defining Deal of the Decade

  •   3 Deals in One Offer
  •   Pay Only 10% Rest on Possession
  •   Get Min 30% Rental Return
  •   Get 9 Years Lease Guarantee
  •   Discount PSF = Area Booked
  •   Price Starting ₹45 Lac

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